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Ayrton Senna: The Sound Of Honda Installation

In 1989, Ayrton Senna completed a lap of the Japanese F1 circuit in Suzuka, setting a new world record. On board was Honda’s engine telemetry system which recorded information from the car. Now, almost 20 years after his death in Imola, Honda is using that same data, along with some giant speakers and lights to recreate that incredible lap.


100 McDonald’s Moments


Nice to see one of my last campaign awarded the ‘Adobe Cutting Edge Project’ of the week.

We asked McD’s fans a simple question, ‘What’s your McDonald’s Moment? We then showcased all those wonderful memories and timeless stories. Illustrated and animated on the fly, then placed into the ’100 McDonald’s Moments’ gallery for the world to see.

View the work

‘YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS’ interactives music tables

Back in May a series of tables started to crop up in some of London’s best boozers. Each pub table is adorned with ornately inlaid custom typography, inviting punters to plug in a pair of headphones (Philips, naturally) and listen to a bespoke mix from a local DJ.
From O&M London

Discover The Taste Of Summer

A McDonald’s campaign I have worked on just launched today. Above the linear version of the experience. For full immersive experience visit, combining full motion video and games you have to complete the rube-goldberg to discover the taste of summer.

WiSee – Wi-Fi signals enable gesture recognition throughout entire home

Researchers at the University of Washington have successfully created a prototype of a system that uses Wi-Fi — and only Wi-Fi — to detect gestures. Called “WiSee,” the system cleverly measures the Doppler shifts created by human movement on regular Wi-Fi signals. That means that the system doesn’t require line of sight for gesture detection and, the researchers claim, it could work with off-the-shelf Wi-Fi systems. If using Wi-Fi to detect gestures isn’t wild enough, the researches claim that “The average accuracy is 94% with a standard deviation of 4.6% when classifying between our nine gestures.”

Four Seasons Hotel Beirut

This permanent light sculpture was exclusively developed for the rooftop of the Four Seasons Hotel in Beirut. Sculpture development and content development refer to each other in an interdependent design. By assimilating specific aspects of the environment, this work was developed from scratch as a site-specific piece of art.

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