Fearless: The making of a Chicken Legend

Our latest work from Razorfish.

Legends are made, not born. Not content with a legendary name and a legendary taste, the McDonald’s Chicken Legend has starred in a legendary stunt – and pulled it off in some style.

Watch an epic stunt and control different cameras to direct you own cut. Visit the experience

Burger King Proud Whopper

To celebrate the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade last weekend, fast food chain Burger King introduced a new burger called the ‘Proud Whopper’.

What’s so different about it? Nothing. It’s actually a regular Whopper, but instead of its normal packaging, it’s wrapped with rainbow paper printed with the message, “We are all the same inside”.

A small gesture with huge meaning. Nice one BK.

McDonald’s – My Burger

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 10.03.52

Our latest work at Razorfish, an integrated digitally led campaign that will let the fans create the burger of their dreams and have it on the menu ‘MY BURGER – Made by you. Enjoyed by everyone’

Create your dream burger

Fans are invited to create their own burger using the “Burger Configurator”, an online tool that allow users to create their burger of choice.With over 200 Million of possible burger combinations the entire population of the UK could create each 6 burgers and none of them will be same. The experience has been designed with the user in mind. It’s very simple, enjoyable and tactile in the foreground leaving all the heavy lifting in the background.

Magic Vuvuzela

The World Cup is back — and so are vuvuzelas. At least, one media company, international sports network beIN Sports, is introducing a magic vuvuzela that changes the channel to BeIN.

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