The Nymi tells the world, you are you, allowing you to securely communicate your identity to all of your favourite devices. It lets you use your unique cardiac rhythm to authenticate your identity, allowing you to wirelessly take control of your computer, your smartphone, your car and so much more.


The Innovation of Loneliness

What is the connection between Social Networks and Being Lonely?
A great insight on how social media is changing people behaviours . Inspired and Based on the wonderful book by Sherry Turkle – Alone Together.

Xperia™ Z Versus Fashion

100 Xperia Z smartphones mounted on a one-off spiral rig, set up to capture every angle of an explosive fashion collaboration.
‘Xperia Z Versus Fashion’ captures every angle of three explosive transitions that model Sera underwent, while wearing four pieces of fashion designer Christopher Raeburn’s recent collection for London Fashion Week.

Oculus Rift + Kinect + KickR = Our Homage to Paperboy: PaperDude VR

PaperDude VR is built in Unity with 3D assets created in 3D studio and textured in Photoshop. The KickR sensor detects the speed of the bike and has the ability to provide programatically controlled resistance. The KickR communicates speed and cadence through bluetooth to a nearby iPad which updates our app over OSC.

The Oculus Rift VR headset lets you look around your scene in a full 360 degrees and allows you to focus your newspaper aim. The Kinect controller tracks the positions of your hands and arms, and detects the paper-throwing gesture.

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