Tweet and Shoot by BNP Paribas : Tsonga Vs Twitter

A nice initiative by BNP Paribas, the French bank which celebrates the 40th anniversary of its partnership with Roland-Garros. It gives you the opportunity to train Jo-Wilfried Tsonga before he starts the French Open tennis tournament, via Twitter. If your tweets are selected, they will command a robot to throw balls to Tsonga with the location, power and effect you chose.

You can follow a livestream of this event on the dedicated website :

Coca-Cola Small World Machines

Coke just launched their ‘Small World Machines’ which are aimed at creating simple moments of happiness between two nations at odds – India and Pakistan. They bring a live touch screen experience to the normal vending machines, letting Indians and Pakistanis interact with and engage across country borders.

Audi, The Start-Stop Battery App

Audi is famous for its start-stop engine technology that saves fuel… So how about an app that does it for your phone? Genius right? Well, here it is, obviously only available on Android due to the iOS restrictions!

Gladiator Energy Drink: The USB Can

Gladiator is an energy drink in Brazil, positioned to help every day office workers through their daily battles… One of those such battles, is finding the elusive USB at critical points in time… We’ve all had that moment when we can’t find a USB before we run out the door, so Gladiator Energy Drinks aims to become the peoples hero, by turning their can into a USB drive…

Junkyard Jumbotron

Junkyard Jumbotron project, which allows laptops or phones in close proximity to be ganged together to form a large display. A project from MIT (of course fucking of course)

Knitterstream – making tweets look good since 2012

“Every day, an endless stream of tweets enters the Twitterverse – some to live on via retweets and favourites, others to fade into the dark depths of the web, never to be seen again. This “here today gone tomorrow” phenomenon led us to wonder: must digital chit chat be so fleeting? We didn’t think so. And thus, Knitterstream was born. It began as a data visualization project – an electronic knitting machine from 1998 that, with the help of custom software and hardware, could transform a humble tweet into a tangible, real life, woven work of art.
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